Should Your Aging Parent Move In With Your Family?

Story from US NEWS & Getty Images and WestEnd 61 As a parent struggles to live independently, your generous first inclination is to open your home. "Come live with us, Mom," or "We've got plenty of room, Dad," is an offer many adult children make. It's a loving gesture to help keep your parent safe and return at least some of the care that you freely received as a child.

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Nonprofit Meal Delivery Groups: Not Just About Food Anymore

From and Getty Images The concept is simple: a healthy meal delivered to your door at little or no cost. It’s a lifesaver for about a million older adults in the U.S. who are unable to buy groceries and cook for themselves because they are homebound, sick or struggling financially.

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Beware of a New Round of Impostor Scams

Article from AARP - Scams targeting older people The Social Security Administration (SSA) is warning Americans about scammers posing as employees of the agency in order to steal their personal information.

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Elder Discrimination & Abuse

Recently, I had an extremely unfortunate experience at a Hyundai dealership which brought to mind the topics of “discrimination” and “abuse”. While I’m not yet “elderly”, I am an eldercare expert, advocate for the elderly, and eldercare author-so in an effort to “make lemonade out of lemons” I’ve decided to explore the topics of discrimination and abuse as they relate to the elderly and hopefully turn a vile personal experience into something helpful to others.

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Keeping Elders Safe During Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are terrifying for everyone. For caregivers of the elderly they present special challenges because older folks are more frail, less mobile, and unlikely to evacuate a danger zone for a myriad of reasons. In combination these realities make natural disasters especially dangerous for older adults. So please, remember to check on the elderly and incorporate them into your storm and/or evacuation planning and preparation process. In the case of evacuations, encourage the elderly to leave and leave early, but be prepared because they generally resist and prefer to stay in their homes.

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7 Signs You'll Soon Be A Caregiver

As we head into the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend we look forward to sumptuous meals and reconnecting with family members. We’ll happily marvel at how much children have grown; and somewhat less joyously recognize that older loved ones are struggling to complete basic daily tasks. Mom’s difficulty cooking dinner, or dad’s inability to stay focused during conversations are both signs your parents are aging. Things that were subtle in the past are now more evident and impossible to ignore.

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How Adult Daycare Saved An Entire Family

Adult Daycare Programs help older people remain with their families longer by providing care during the day and allowing them to return home at night. Last week I received a letter from a young lady in North Carolina that I’ve never met, thanking me for advice that I didn’t know I’d given her. The author, a teenage girl, felt she’d “lost” her mother to caring for her grandma who has dementia. I’ve retyped the letter below (with minor edits for clarity/brevity and intentionally omitted names for privacy).

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The health benefits of journaling

It’s no secret that writing is good for the health. It’s been scientifically proven to positively contribute to keeping stress in check. Lately, there’s been much talk about healthy habits related to writing, such as taking a few minutes before bedtime every day to make a mental or yet better written list of negative thoughts, to get rid of them, as well as a list of positive things, to practice gratitude. This habit is supposed to help unwind and allow for a better night’s sleep. We could add other examples such as writing a letter to one’s inner child, writing to cope with trauma, the pros of writing are many.

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